Alice Prize 2016

Dagger Plant, a handprinted black and white photograph from a recent series I am developing, has been selected for the Alice Prize. The work stems from an interest in changes on peripheral zones between one environment and another. The ‘dagger plant’ Yucca aloifolio, native to south-eastern USA, planted on the edge of a holiday house settlement in coastal NSW, has jumped the fence, spreading into a Melaleuca forest in a National Park.

Exhibited in the remote town of Alice Springs, the prize is now in its 39th year. This year the prize will be judged by Chris Saines, Director of the Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art.

Alice Prize 2016
Friday 15 April – Monday 13 June 2016
Araluen Arts Centre, 61 Larapinta Drive
Alice Springs, NT

Australian coastal Melaleuca forest with self seeded ‘dagger plant’ Yucca aloifolio

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