Finding Wild

2015 –2017
Glen Eira City Council Gallery
29 March – 22 April 2018

Finding Wild engages with ideas about landscape, botany and 19th-century photography. The exhibition of black-and-white photographs and lumen prints explores the notion of ‘the new wild’ – where introduced plant species grow wild in bush lands and urban fringes – by examining areas in and around Melbourne.

What is contemporary wilderness? Can plants considered weeds, such as fireweed and African boxthorn, sustain biodiversity in dunes, creeks and remnant bushland within our city and its fringes? Indigenous species found in the dunes on Brighton’s Dendy Street Beach and at Deep Creek in the coastal township of Torquay coexist with many invasive but benign species. In these environments, introduced species prevent erosion and provide habitat for birds, reptiles, insects and other animals.

Finding Wild installation, Glen Eira City Council Gallery Agapanthus (storm cloud), 48 lumen prints Fireweed Mirror bush Century plant Chinese plum Dagger plant Soursob Angled onion Allium triquetrum (angled onion), lumen print Oxalis pes-caprae (Soursob) #1, lumen print Aeonium haworthii (pinwheel), lumen print Agapanthus (storm cloud), 48 lumen prints (detail)